Aboyne Junior Section

Aboyne Golf Club aim to encourage and help junior members and future members to be part of the continued success that we have seen at the golf club previously with players reaching a very high standard. This high standard includes players playing at regional and national level, winning a few titles along the way, some gaining scholarships in America and following that by playing golf professionally.

The benefits of being a junior member include access to the course and practice facilities and also access to the clubhouse. We have dedicated tee times for juniors with a fixture list for our handicap players and tee times for our 9 hole players and our 5 hole players.

Aboyne GC participate in the Aberdeenshire and District Pennant League and the ‘Off The Tee Trophy’. This team competition runs from May through June. A great opportunity for some of the more experienced junior golfers to compete against juniors from other clubs.

The club also takes part in the Golf Sixes competition for juniors up to the age of 12 and with no handicap. This is a fun competition over 6 holes playing at other local courses and helps build up experience for playing future competition golf for the club.

Golf Sixes at Aboyne
A fun series of matches with other clubs, ideal for golfers new to playing on the course